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Monday, 07 Jan 2013 09:54 Posted by Tim Schellberg, GTH-GA

As countries move forward with implementing or expending forensic DNA database programs, it is important to consider the wealth of experiences and information of the many countries that have preceded them.  GTH created the World Map Project to facilitate the sharing of DNA database information from every corner of the globe.

Through extensive research and interviews with members of the forensic DNA community, GTH has compiled important information about developing DNA policy worldwide. Information developed for the World Map provides policy makers, law enforcement and crime labs the information they need to move DNA database program forward.

It is our objective to assist crime lab personnel, law enforcement, policy makers, universities, and other government officials in understanding how to advance DNA policy in their country through education of global trends. If you are interested in knowing more about the World Map Project or have specific countries in mind on which you would like information, please contact us using the button below or call us: +001 (253) 620-6632.

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Brazil's President Signs Historic DNA Legislation

Monday, 28 May 2012 08:24 Posted by Jayann Sepich

Jayann Sepich, mother of murder victim Katie Sepich, praised President Dilma Rousseff and the Brazilian Congress for passing a law to require DNA from convicted criminals for inclusion in the national Brazilian DNA database. Ms. Sepich welcomes Brazil to a growing number of countries that have passed the law. The DNA database will match these profiles to evidence from unsolved violent crimes.

Countries with similar programs have seen extraordinary increases in the amount of crimes both solved and prevented. The legislative sponsor is Senator Ciro Nogueira , who became impassioned to pass the law upon learning of its power to prevent violent crime throughout Brazil. In August of 2011, Senator Nogueira brought the surviving family members of serial murderer Marco Trigueiro to visit with congressional leadership in Brasilia and promote the law.

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